“Donate a book, nurture a mind”

In the framework of the International Book Day on April 23, the Network of Young Professionals undertook the initiative “Donate a book, nurture a mind”, which contributed to the creation of a library in the gymnasium “Shaban Çollaku” in the Municipality of Klos, as it did not exist one.

Many different individuals and NGOs joined and contributed to this initiative. In addition to them, we were joined by the European University of Tirana and UET Press not only by donating books, but also by providing representatives such as the writer and lecturer Mr. Ermir Nika and the editor-in-chief of UET Press Mrs. Suela Mino, who together with the representatives of YPN, Mrs. Orjana Çekrezi and Mr. Antonio Demiri, organized a conversation with the students of the gymnasium “Shaban Çollaku”.

This initiative managed to raise awareness about the importance of sharing and contributing to such causes and helped the students of this gymnasium to access more books and information. Undertaking projects and actions which do empower youth from small and rural areas is one of the most important working areas of YPN!

Networking is our greatest power!

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