Annual Forum of Young Professionals Network, “Digital Transforming, Necessity for forming the future”

Young Professionals Network held for the first time in Albania, Annual Forum of Young Professionals Network “Digital Transforming, Necessity for forming the future” with its goal to raise the contribution of young Albanian professionals in politic-making as a continually of some important politic and global developments.

The Executive Director of Young Professionals Network, Françeska Muço welcomed the participants in forum works, while underlining during her words that this forum will be an annual contribution of young professionals in Albanian policy-making, not only with the purpose of increasing their participation in the policy life of the country but also erasing myths for politics. “The politics are for us and they should be orientated by our contribution” she claimed.

The Forum of Young Professionals Network, was developed in two sessions with important experts invited, where it was decided a mutual understanding and informing for digital agenda and later on with information helped young professionals to work in groups with the “World Café” method. In moderation of the expert, Yllka Sela, the first session with the topic “ Digital Agenda in National and Regional Level” was opened with Deputy Director of UNICEF words, Edina Kozma, and it continued with the representative of Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO), Flutura Brakaj, and it finished by the Director of Innovation Directorate and Sectorial IPA e-Gov, National Agency of Informing Society, Romina Kostani.

This panel was closed with the greeting speech by Mrs. Bora Muzhaqi, Minister of State for Youth and Children. She presented the work that the institution is doing, the vision they have and the consultation process undertaken for the “National Youth Strategy 2022-2029”. She also encouraged participants to use group work to express the issues they would like this document to include.

In continuance of this discussion, the second session with its topic “Digital Agenda – the Need for Development” moderated by Loneta Progni, EuroNews Journalist, elaborated by expert guests as, Program Manager of Enough Movement, Xheni Lame, Program manager in INNOVATION Albania, Edlira Muedini, Director on National Agency of Youth, Kleina Kasanai and in conclusion, Director on Innovation Directorate in Tirana Municipality, Faola Hodaj.

This forum gathered 50  young professionals and many other important representatives of competent public authorities and interested groups of local, regional and national level to address problematics tied to youth participation in politic-making, with its focus of young professionals and digital agenda, where they got in conclusion a recommendation document for State Ministry for Children and Youth, which is in charge for developing strategies of Youth 2022- 2029.

The participants gave their contribution in drafting the recommendation document for “Youth Strategy 2022-2029” based on four priorities of digital agenda as: Data Access, Cyber Security, Youth Priority in Innovation and Digital Education which created one of the most important contributions that young professionals have given in policy-making during 2021.

This activity was organized with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of Young Professionals Network and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

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