Critical Thinking with YPN’s Cast

Young Professionals Network brings the newest video-cast platform “Critical Thinking with YPN’s Cast” moderated by Ms. Donada Rata.

Critical Thinking Cast is a discussing and analyzing platform for students, young professionals, activist, academics and politic-makers on topics of social-education, politics and economic actuality.

YPN’s Cast will be analytic, informing and above all it will be focused in youngsters’ challenges on a national and local level, developing civilian education, democracy and foreign politics.

The program of pod-cast videos or as called “Digital conversations” include a series of conversations, discussions and consultations between youngsters, leading activist, experts, political figures, academics etc. for discussing, analyzing, sharing ideas and while being “critical thinking” in addressing cases as an important part of active citizenship. We will also be focused cases of local and national youth, their activism, engagement, discrimination, unemployment, access in labor market, extremism – other dimensions of security – cooperating and building regional intercultural dialogue etc.

The establishment of this public-digital discourse for youngsters with its focus on discussion and consultation with different actors in society will be able to understand and create an informal mediatic space especially for youngsters and to understand their role in foreign and internal policy.

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