Let’s Talk about Labor Rights” – Open Hour

To remember the Global Day of Social Justice on 20th February, Young Professionals Network organized an open hour with the Commissioner for the Protection against Discrimination Mr. Robert Gajda. This international day reminds each of us the duty of each society to guarantee equal rights and opportunities for everyone in economy, education, work place and other aspects for every member of society.

During her welcome speech YPN Executive Director, Françeska Muço said that it is our responsibility to be informed for reacting as we have expectations for a better quality life in this country and have the responsibility to act. Meanwhile the Commissioner for the Protection against Discrimination, Mr. Robert Gajda welcomed students and young professionals and held a general overview of the role of this institution, shared concrete cases of discrimination of every form and how the young people can use the instruments put in their disposition by the law to respond for their rights.

The Commissioner also called everyone to be more solidary with each-other and to promote human rights. This open hour was followed with many questions, discussions and interest from the participants.

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