Empowering young professionals to access the labor market

Increasing information among young people about their rights in the workplace

Agenda Institute/ AMCHC

The main goal of the project is to empower young people and youth entities through the recognition of European youth strategy and European labor standards.

So, from this initiative were aimed to increase the capacities of youth entities and young people on the European youth strategy and labor standards and to increase critical thinking on youth policies in the country and the labor rights of young people.

In order to achieve these objectives, we developed an information campaign “European Strategy”, its goals, goal number 7 and European standards of work / infographic and ted talks by young people; Development of two open hours activity on youth and rights at work; Closing Conference in the framework of Europe Week and in the end of this consultations and awareness activities concluded in a statement by young people.

Webinar “A Comprehensive Approach for Young Professionals on Tackling Racism in the Workplace” in cooperation with Civil Rights Defenders

In the Framework of European Action Week against Racism 2021 with the of United for Intercultural Action

In the framework of European Action Week against Racism 2021 by UNITED for Intercultural Action, on 29th of March 2021, YPN together with Civil Right Defenders, is organizing the webinar “Tackling racism in the workplace”. This campaign comes from the commemoration of International Day for the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination, set on the 21st of March, a day mandated by the UN General Assembly in 1966. Discrimination in employment relationships and in the workplace continues to appear in its traditional format based on gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, age but also in new forms based on disability, sexual orientation, genetics, and lifestyle.Despite all efforts to prevent discrimination, this phenomenon has always been a threat to all individuals seeking to enter an employment relationship. Through this webinar we aim to develop a clear understanding of prejudice, discrimination and racism including institutional, structural and systemic racism; get informed regarding the innovations of Law no. 124/2020 “On some additions and amendments to Law no. 10221, dated 4.2.2010 “On protection from discrimination” and to promote practical steps that individuals and organizations can use to implement and embed anti-racism approaches in the workplace. To reach its aim, part of the panel are representatives of different communities.

Empowering the Youth Professionally

TITAN Company

In the framework of the work mission for the empowerment and professional development of young people to be part of the labor market, policy making and decision making, the Network of Young Professionals implemented the pilot project “Empowering Young People Professionally”. In order to decentralize opportunities beyond Tirana, expose young people from rural areas with professional and personal training and increase awareness of their role as active citizens, this pilot project targeted the youth of the administrative unit Thumanë, Municipality of Kruja. Furthermore, young people were part of a training program dedicated to soft skills, where they had the opportunity to develop their first CV; been part of several study visits to important youth-related institutions such as the National Youth Agency and the Regional Office for Youth Cooperation (RYCO) as well as a visit to the “House of Leaves”; as well as being part of some work practices in businesses and non-profit organizations based on and preferences for the future profession they had.

Road Map of Social Enterprises


‘Road Map of Social Enterprises’ is based on the previous ‘SSEN’ project supported by the Visegrad Fund. We aim to create an online map with information of social enterprises form V4 and WB6 regions. The foreseen activities training course, networking event and the conference will support cross-sectorial networking between small enterprises, youth organizations, educational institutions to build on partnerships and increase the interest of young people in entrepreneurship. 8 partners from 8 countries will work 13 months on digital tool for regional collaboration in the field social entrepreneurship. The project aims to continue the cooperation and broader it. We aim to make social enterprises more visible and accessible across the participating countries, support creating networks between social enterprises themselves, increase competencies of social enterprises to promote themselves, their products, services, and inspire young people to become social entrepreneurs. Moreover, we aim to make social enterprises more visible and accessible not just for people from their communities but for people (potential customers, partners) coming from other countries who are already familiar with the concept of social entrepreneurship, are highly motivated to support them, to buy their products but they are not able to find information while travelling, visiting another country because one of our key findings from the previous project is that small social enterprises struggle with self-promotion, marketing. They have limited resources (not just financial but also human and time) to promote, network, grow.

Career Counseling – The Road to Employment

Partners Albania

The Coalition for Career Counseling Service in the Municipality of Elbasan, consisting of: Young Professionals Network, Information and Active Citizenship Network, Joscelyn Foundation, Belsh Youth Council, Liburnetik, and Other Vision with the support of Partners Albania for Change and Development has undertake an advocacy campaign during the period November – March 2020 with all stakeholders in the Municipality of Elbasan to address and address the issue of career counseling for young people, in order to educate and employ them. The campaign aimed to raise awareness about this issue, as well as the creation of a support coalition for lobbying on the provision of career counseling service as a priority of the work of the Municipality of Elbasan. During the campaign, a series of activities were carried out by the Coalition for the Career Counseling Service in the Municipality of Elbasan, including meetings with support groups such as civil society, media,meetings with municipal representatives, interviews in local media, etc.

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