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    PROJECT 1    

Youth DigiZone

The stop and start nature of the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for political and development actions to be responsive, iterative and improve resiliency in the changing environment during and after the Covid19 era – which would require more nested relationships between people, institutions and governance decisions.

Despite conflicts and crises in the past, joint action built on solidarity, cooperation and democracy can help build a stronger and more resilient region are needed. The “Youth DigiZone” project aims to harness digitization, remote learning experiences and digital tools to mobilize young people as purposeful citizens to reinvent a more inclusive regional cooperation process.

Equally, the project aims to work with young people to raise their decision-making and advocacy skills and to help mold a generation of democratic leaders who cross- historical, geographical and cultural barriers for a fair and inclusive economy.

The project is leaded from Youth Alliance-Krusevo and implemented in close cooperation with Young Professionals Network, BETA Serbia , AYES – Association for Youth Empowerment and Security Croatia, PS "MAYA" and supported by the Balkan Trust for Democracy , a project of the The German Marshall Fund of the United States and the USAID – US Agency for International Development.

    PROJECT 2    

Civic Education for Youth in Albania and Western Balkan

Young Professionals Network and its strategic partner Election-Watch.EU with the support of Robert Bosch Stiftung implemented the project “Civic Education for Youth in Albania and the Western Balkans”.

One of the most important project activities were the workshop “Active Youth in the Electoral Process” which familiarised young men and women from across Albania who usually do not get such opportunities with possibilities of citizen participation in the electoral process. The workshop raised their awareness and knowledge of European electoral standards, the process of European integration, international obligations and regional commitments for democratic elections; electoral cycle and electoral stakeholders; experiences with citizen election observation; youth electoral participation in the Western Balkans; the electoral campaign and social media monitoring; the ongoing national electoral reform process; and how young citizens can contribute to such developments. Furthermore, the participants had the opportunity to exchange with guest speakers from national and international stakeholders in Albania, such as the OSCE, the Council of Europe, or the European Union.

The participants had the opportunity to develop ideas for follow-up activities, which were supported with micro-grants, under the supervision of YPN ahead of the next parliamentary elections scheduled for 25 April 2021.They implemented their ideas by using social media tools, by creating videos and analysis about Covid -19 and elections from a youth perspective.

    PROJECT 3    

Western Balkan Youth Lab

The Youth Policy Lab is a ¬flagship initiative within RCC’ Western Balkan Youth Lab project funded by the European Union that aims to provide opportunities for youth to participate in decision-making. The main components of the project include:

(i) mapping of youth policies and identification of existing support gaps in financing of youth actions in the Western Balkans,

(ii) Western Balkans Youth Policy Labs,

(iii) strengthening national youth councils in the Western Balkans; and (iv) participation of the Western Balkans youth in regional and international events.

The project strives to create a longer-term structured regional dialogue between youth organisations and governments focused on jointly devising policies which will increase youth participation in decision-making, to improve the overall socio-economic environment for and mobility of youth in the Western Balkan economies through different types of activities. Youth Policy Lab is consisted of regional events to be attended by the Regional Pool of Experts including Kick-Off of the Thematic Regional Youth Policy Lab on Youth Unemployment, Mid-Term Review Regional Meeting and Final conference.

Between each of these, National Youth Policy Labs and activities of the Working Groups at economy level will provide the opportunity to adjust the recommendations and policies to circumstances at the national level as well as enable their implementation in all WB6.

Young Professionals Network has actively been part of this project from the early beginning and its representatives are part of the Regional Pool of Experts. Several actions at economy level will being undertaken.

    PROJECT 4    

"Move for Gjergjani, Move for your


"Move for your community, move for Gjergjani" is an initiative supported by Lëviz Albania and the Network of Young Professionals, which aims to activate the youth of Gjergjan village to make positive changes in the community where they live.

As a continuation, the project has created an advocacy youth group to convey the problems of their community to the Municipality of Elbasan and to put pressure on the local government to solve them. In this context, young people are trained on important concepts of local government, advocacy and legal instruments at their disposal as citizens. The petition, participation in the meetings of the Municipal Council, meetings in the community as well as a campaign dedicated to social networks will be undertaken to place the baskets in the village Gjergjan on the street and in the school "Xhemal Jança", the school that in the spring and summer season is filled with water as well as the development of an investment in the existing sports environment for the youth of this village which is attended by young people from other villages.

    PROJECT 5    

Career Counseling – The Road to Employment

The Coalition for Career Counseling Service in the Municipality of Elbasan, consisting of: Young Professionals Network, Information and Active Citizenship Network, Joscelyn Foundation, Belsh Youth Council, Liburnetik, and Other Vision with the support of Partners Albania for Change and Development has undertake an advocacy campaign during the period November – March 2020 with all stakeholders in the Municipality of Elbasan to address and address the issue of career counseling for young people, in order to educate and employ them.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness about this issue, as well as the creation of a support coalition for lobbying on the provision of career counseling service as a priority of the work of the Municipality of Elbasan. During the campaign, a series of activities were carried out by the Coalition for the Career Counseling Service in the Municipality of Elbasan, including meetings with support groups such as civil society, media, etc .; meetings with municipal representatives, interviews in local media, etc.

    PROJECT 6    


For the first time in Albania, the International Youth Conference Krusove “EUROPEAN VALUES FOR THE FUTURE OF THE SOUTH EASTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES” had a local Hub in Tirana, organised by Youth Alliance Krusevo in partnership with Young Professionals Network.

The conference was joint effort of Youth Alliance-Krusevo and Friedrich Ebert Foundation, office Skopje supported by Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe, sponsored by Germany and Government of Republic of North Macedonia. Different sessions were streamed via conference channels from around the region and young people had the opportunity to participate live. The conference brought together up to 80 participants from the countries from the SEE region (North Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey) and guests from youth organizations partners from Germany, France and Poland in the role of mentors.

During the last day the session “FUTURE OF EDUCATION: NEW OPPORTUNITIES OR NEW DIVING LINES” were develop in Albania and together with other panelists within the SEE region Mr. Otion Rrumbullaku, the deputy minister of the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth in Albania, joined us who spoked for the future of education.

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