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Who we are?

Young Professionals Network (YPN) is formally established by a group of young motivated professionals coming from different working backgrounds such as economic, social, media, IT, education, science and NGOs. The network has been created as a result of the challenges identified in Albania society such as: the need of youth in Albania to cooperate more to share skills and opportunities among each other and challenges faced on the labor market that indicate migration as well. Meanwhile the establishment of a union for young professionals has been one of the recommendations of several meetings and reports conducted for youth in Albania.

Also, it is on line with some of the goals of the European Youth Strategy 2019-2027 specifically in Connecting EU with Youth; Equality of All Genders; Inclusive Societies; Information & Constructive Dialogue; Moving Rural Youth Forward; Quality Employment for All; Quality Learning; Space and Participation for All; Youth Organizations & European Programs contributing in this way to increase the quality of life of young professionals in Albania, reduce migration and positively influence the process of Albania’s integration in the EU.

Our Mission

Empowering and developing young professionals, by strengthening their rights and by increasing the capacity and the ability to participate in the workforce, policy making and decision making processes.

Our Objectives

1.   Empowering young professionals through skills development, training and information to integrate to the labor market;

2.   Increasing participation of young professionals in decision-making and policy-making processes through structured dialogue and advocacy;

3.    Strengthening young professionals’ labor rights by involving them on informative activities, monitoring and advocating processes;

4.   Fostering civic engagement of young people on local, national, regional and European level;

Our Programmes

The Young Professionals Network Programme Portfolio falls within these priority clusters:

1 Empowering young professionals to access the labor market

The goal of this program is to integrate or promote young people in the labor market. The main target is to increase capacities and access to information for young people who are pursuing studies, gratuated and post-gratuated students who are looking for jobs, or newly employed young professionals who want to enhance their skills and capacities to step up the career ladder.

2 Civic Engagement and Advocacy for Democracy

The goal of this program is to advocate and lobby for supportive policies for youth employment and involvement in local policy-making and decision-making. One of the components of this program is to improve the legal framework and supportive policies to promote employment. This program mainly targets young professionals who want to contribute to society and young people who want to create positive change in the communities where they live.

3 Local and regional networking and training

The goal of this programme is to empower young professionals through networking and sharing of positive experiences in terms of employment and integration into the labor market.

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Meet Our Team

Françeska Muço

Secretary General

Sara Zekaj

Partnership Officer

Donada Rata

Project Coordinator

Antonio Demiri

Multimedia Designer & Video Producer

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