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‘’At YPN we believe that emerging forms of participation can unlock new opportunities for youth to transform their lives and communities. We support the growth of people who lack access to professional development resources, to develop their capacities and help them build the networks to sustain their development. Therefore, the Young Professionals Network portfolio falls within three programmes that are interconnected among each other, contribute to Albania's path towards the European Union, and are in compliance with Western Balkans, UN, and NATO strategies, policies and values.

Economic Empowerment and Social Rights

The program's goal is to economicly empower youth by developing skills, improving employability policies, and promoting labor rights. The program's activities encompass sharing job opportunities, capacity-building training, advocating for labor rights, facilitating networking among young professionals, and delivering informative reports on youth and the labor landscape.

Civic Engagement and Advocacy for Democracy

The programme advocates for active citizenship, the rule of law, and local democracy by engaging with local institutions to establish protective laws and expand civic space. It empowers marginalised youth in rural areas, promoting civic leadership and participation for positive community changes. Through advocacy campaigns, meaningful representation, and fostering transparent policies, the programme drives tangible advancements in democratic society.

Peace and Security

The programme's aim is to empower youth to promote peace by preventing conflict, reducing inequalities, and fostering sustainable peace. It underscores youth as agents of positive change and advocates for their inclusive participation in peace and political processes, including gender-sensitive initiatives.

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