Civic Engagement and Advocacy for Democracy

Boosting social cohesion in the Yzberisht zone by empowering youth professionally and personally

This project aims to break the marginalization cycle in the zone of Yzberisht by empowering young people with professional skills that can enable them to participate in the market work and to undertake actions/initiatives in local community.   

This intervention with the focus of training young people and giving them the opportunity to conduct internships in different institutions in Tirana will boost firstly their inclusion in society and strengthening their engagement as active citizens in local community. 

By empowering the role of youth in local communities they will be connected and socialized with their peers by social activities, other development opportunities and above all ensuring their participation in market work. 


Donor: IDM Albania 

Restarting Western Balkans - Bosch Alumni in Action

Connecting former and current fellows and grantees of the Robert Bosch Stiftung is the founding mission of the Bosch Alumni Network. 

The goal of this initiative is to re-engage members of the Western Balkan Regional Group by organizing a regional workshop where participants can connect and collaborate as this  this gathering will create space for deep connection and cultivate a sense of belonging for all the participants. 

Donor: Bosch Alumni Network, IAC Berlin 

Fake News Busters: in the Name of Democracy Eramus+

Training Course “Fake News Busters: in the Name of Democracy” is a 6-day activity gathering 18youth workers from 6 different countries in Treviso, Veneto, Italy.A diverse group of youth NGOs from Italy, Ukraine, Albania, Malta, Moldova, and Poland, with extensive experience and background relevant to the main idea of the project, is eager to make the lives of young people better by promoting critical thinking, filtering information and informational awareness. 

Partner : ETV Eurotreviso 

Western Balkan Youth Lab on Mental Health

Western Balkans Youth Lab (WBYL) project is a three-year project aimed to create a long-term, structured regional dialogue between youth organizations and public authorities, focused on the joint development of policies that increase the participation of young people in decision-making, in order to improve the overall socio-economic environment and the flexibility of youth in the Western Balkans.  

Project is successfully coordinating Thematic Youth Policy Lab on Mental Health where youth on equal basis with policymakers are engage in policy development or policy evaluation revisions based on the principles of co-management and co-production. Within the process in Albania, informative and awareness Toolkit on Mental Health of young people (15-29 years old) was published for the first time. The conception and drafting of this document come as the result of the Action Plan drafted by the Working Group from Albania consisting of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Institute of Public Health, National Youth Agency, Young Professionals Network, National Youth Congress, and the National Network for Young people in Albania. This group is co-chaired by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and Young Professionals Network. 


Donor: Regional Cooperation Council 

Western Balkan Youth Lab

The Youth Policy Lab is a flagship initiative within RCC’ Western Balkan Youth Lab project funded by the European Union that aims to provide opportunities for youth to participate in decision-making. The main components of the project include: (i) mapping of youth policies and identification of existing support gaps in financing of youth actions in the Western Balkans, (ii) Western Balkans Youth Policy Labs, (iii) strengthening national youth councils in the Western Balkans; and (iv) participation of the Western Balkans youth in regional and international events. The project strives to create a longer-term structured regional dialogue between youth organisations and governments focused on jointly devising policies which will increase youth participation in decision-making, to improve the overall socio-economic environment for and mobility of youth in the Western Balkan economies through different types of activities. 

Donor: RCC 

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