TiRana ACTIve yOuth citizeNship HUB / TRACTION HUB

Young Professionals Network on 20-21st November and 4th of December organized Tirana Active Youth Citizenship (TRACION HUB), where we gathered about 20 youngsters from different municipalities of Tirana district in cooperation with Robert Bosch Stiftung Foundation and Iac Berlin.

This helped 20 youngsters on personals skills and learn concepts on active citizenship development to be more engaged in the community they live in. This way by influencing in equal opportunities for the youth in rural areas with the motto of Objectives Development of OKB “Don’t leave anyone behind.” Also, some purposes of European Strategy of Youth (2019-2027) “Rural youth movement” and “The connection between Youth and EU”.

During these three training days these youngsters were presented with European values, democratic processes, active citizenship and forms how they can finance their ideas, how to take on activities in local levels in benefit of our community under the

monitoring of YPN creating active youth groups in chosen rural areas and how to be more involved in local decision-making and advocacy processes.

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