Program Trajnimi mbi “Aftësitë e Buta dhe Qytetarinë Aktive” Kjo thirrje u drejtohet të rinjve nga zona e Yzberishtit, Bashkia Tiranë, për tu pajisuar dhe aftësuar me njohuri dhe aftësi që do t’u shërbejnë në tregun e punës dhe pjesëmarrjen në vendimarrjen lokale mbi çështje të cilat lidhen me komunitetin e tyre. Përshkrimi i projektit



WBAA Mentorship Program Applications for WBAA Mentorship Program are now open! The 3 days’ workshop will be organized in Tirana, 15-17 October 2022 with the aim to further youth career development and personal growth through mentorship innovative practices offered by WBAA Alumni, with the goal to increase students participation in youth mobility schemes. The project


Let’s Talk about Labor Rights” – Open Hour

To remember the Global Day of Social Justice on 20th February, Young Professionals Network organized an open hour with the Commissioner for the Protection against Discrimination Mr. Robert Gajda. This international day reminds each of us the duty of each society to guarantee equal rights and opportunities for everyone in economy, education, work place and


Critical Thinking with YPN’s Cast

Young Professionals Network brings the newest video-cast platform “Critical Thinking with YPN’s Cast” moderated by Ms. Donada Rata. Critical Thinking Cast is a discussing and analyzing platform for students, young professionals, activist, academics and politic-makers on topics of social-education, politics and economic actuality. YPN’s Cast will be analytic, informing and above all it will be


Annual Forum of Young Professionals Network, “Digital Transforming, Necessity for forming the future”

Young Professionals Network held for the first time in Albania, Annual Forum of Young Professionals Network “Digital Transforming, Necessity for forming the future” with its goal to raise the contribution of young Albanian professionals in politic-making as a continually of some important politic and global developments. The Executive Director of Young Professionals Network, Françeska Muço


Integrity at work: More friendly work places for youngsters

In the framework of Integrity Week “Young Professionals Network” and “Center for Labor Rights”, CLR.AL organized a round table with the topic “Integrity at work: More friendly jobs for youngster.” This discussing table aimed to gather together many important actors of society to open a series of activities with its focusses on youth and their



Young Professionals Network in cooperation with AWEN- Woman Empowerment Network in Albania organized in 6th of December 2021, Flash Mob, in the framework on 16 days of activism against gender-based violence. This event gathered women and girls to increase awareness on woman rights and to influence on empowering girls and women but also a lot of


National Guide for the Transition of Youth from School to a Work Place

During the month of October, the expert group for Albania in collaboration with labor group members and local government institutions have concluded a tour of consulting meetings within the initiative of Western Balkan Youth Lab. In the frame of this initiative Labor Group of Albania is working on National Guide for Youth Transition from school


TiRana ACTIve yOuth citizeNship HUB / TRACTION HUB

Young Professionals Network on 20-21st November and 4th of December organized Tirana Active Youth Citizenship (TRACION HUB), where we gathered about 20 youngsters from different municipalities of Tirana district in cooperation with Robert Bosch Stiftung Foundation and Iac Berlin. This helped 20 youngsters on personals skills and learn concepts on active citizenship development to be


“Inspiration Labs” – A podcast series by YEPP EUROPE

Our member Elda Fejzo was part of the podcast series organized by YEPP EUROPE where she shared YPN work to connect young people to training and learning opportunities across Europe. This was especially important during the pandemic Covid-19 when most everything has moved online. Listen to her thoughts about creating online communities, connecting young people,


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