Webinar “A comprehensive approach for young professionals on tackling racism in the workplace”.

In the framework of European Action Week against Racism 2021 by UNITED for Intercultural Action, on 29th of March 2021, Young Professionals Network (YPN) together with Civil Right Defenders (CRD) organized the webinar “A comprehensive approach for young professionals on tackling racism in the workplace”. 

Discrimination in employment relationships and in the workplace continues to appear in its traditional format based on gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, age but also in new forms based on disability, sexual orientation, genetics and lifestyle. Despite all efforts to prevent discrimination, this phenomenon has always been a threat to all individuals seeking to enter into an employment relationship.

Through this webinar we developed a clear understanding prejudice, discrimination and racism including institutional, structural and systemic racism; informed regarding the innovations of Law no. 124/2020 “On some additions and amendments to Law no. 10221, dated 4.2.2010 “On protection from discrimination” and to promote practical steps that individuals and organizations can use to implement and embed anti-racism approaches in the workplace.

To reach its aim, part of the panel were representatives of different communities and entities such as Mr. Robert Gajda – Commissioner for the Protection from Discrimination, Mrs. Xheni Karaj from Lgbt Alliance, Mrs. Suela Lala from Together Foundation, Mr. Gentjan Serani from Social Justicde and Ms. Eni Mjeshtri from Center for Labour Rights. The webinar was moderated from YPN Partnership Officer Mrs. Sara Zekaj and gritted from the Secretary General of YPN Mrs. Françeska Muço and the representative of CRD Mrs. Megi Reçi.

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