National Guide for the Transition of Youth from School to a Work Place

During the month of October, the expert group for Albania in collaboration with labor group members and local government institutions have concluded a tour of consulting meetings within the initiative of Western Balkan Youth Lab. In the frame of this initiative Labor Group of Albania is working on National Guide for Youth Transition from school to work as the first strategic document in a national level which aims addressing a dedicated way to the actual transition system in your workplace.

The main purpose of these meetings is identifying the primary problematics that youth faces during the transition on their workplace and consulting a large number of acters such as: governmental institutions in a local level, schools and high schools, youngsters, local organizations of civil society, businesses, work offices, experts and citizens. During these fruitful discussions held of cities as Durres, Vlore, Berat, Diber, Korce, Shkoder and Lezha, there were engaged 148 different actors and 20 experts of labor group of Albania.

Some of the key problems during the consulting phase are:

  • Lack of a proper labor market study;
  • Mismatch between supply and demand (including educational curricula).
  • Low coordination between actors working in this sector;
  • Lack of information and proper promotion of existing programs and opportunities in the labor market;
  • Low standards and inadequate respect for rights in the workplace;
  • Career orientation mainly for students and pupils of secondary education institutions;
  • Youth empowerment and lack of connection between school curricula and practice;
  • High informality;
  • The gap between urban centers and rural areas.

The first phase of National Guide of Youth Transition from School to their work place closes with holding a launching official event which aims to present the group and the work plan for prime actors that operate in local and national level.

This initiative is implemented by Regional Cooperation Council – RCC (RCC) with the support of European Union (EU). Part of the Albanian Expert Group are: Ministry of Education and Sports, Ministry for Youth and Children, National Agency of Youth (AKR), National Youth Congress, Young Professionals Network and National Youth Network in Albania.

For more information about this initiative visit: Regional Cooperation Council | Western Balkans Youth Lab Project (

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